Need to do something effective about resolving those unsightly lumps and bumps of cellulite deposits that leave you feeling embarrassed about the look of your arms, thighs, or bottom?

Cellutone is one of the more recently released advancements in skin firming and tightening. The system is unique in that it uses therapeutic vibrations for a non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction and skin tightening treatment. The oscillating massage therapy aids in increasing blood supply to the area, provides faster and better lymphatic drainage, and is a highly effective method of eliminating unwanted fat cells. Cellutone is a treatment that provides a temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite deposits.

The treatments are fast and pain-free. Your Aesthetician will apply gel to the are to be treated, and use a special hand piece. Slight pressure is applied, and square shaped movements will be applied to the abdomen, decreasing as the center is contacted. For the buttocks, the gel is applied, with straight motions of the hand piece in an imaginary grid shape. Treating love handles involves creating an imaginary grid on the sides of the body where excess fat and cellulite are a problem. To treat cellulite on the thighs, straight motions from the hollow of the knee to the hipbone are performed so the entire area is treated. Upper arms that may have become unsightly due to cellulite deposits can also be fully treated.

Many people don’t want to wait for weeks to see the results of a bodysculpting technique. Cellutone is a powerful tool against cellulite! Skin texture, skin tone, and skin tightening are all possible with this treatment, which since being approved by the FDA has become exceptionally popular for those who want a fresher, more youthful, firmer profile.

You may have worked hard to diet and exercise, but nothing seems to resolve the unsightly appearance of cellulite. Our Beverly Hills Cellutone treatments could be right for you, as they increase blood flow, stimulate the body to eliminate waste, and remodel the fibers that create the lumps and bumps. Our clients tell us that they feel more self-confident, can now reveal more of the body, and can wear clothing styles they avoided in the past. Take advantage of this modern treatment. Schedule an appointment for a consultation about Cellutone and our other non-invasive, non-surgical body sculpting and rejuvenation procedures.